Medico-legal work could be a key aspect to successfully claiming compensation when building a personal injury case. This article will explain the significance of plastic surgery and burns medico-legal reporting and how it could help your client. It will also answer important questions like:

  • What is contained within a medico-legal assessment?
  • How can a medical agency make finding an expert easier?
  • What are the other benefits of using a medical agency?
  • What is the process of a medical report being completed?

If your client has been the victim of fire damage, it can be deeply traumatising for them. Both the physical and psychological issues caused by the injury will be considered by the specialised medical expert.

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  1. What Is Plastic Surgery And Burns Medico Legal Reporting?
  2. Why Would You Need A Plastic Surgery And Burns Medico Legal Report?
  3. What Should A Plastic Surgery And Burns Medical Report Contain?
  4. How Do You Find A Burns Medico Legal Expert?
  5. How To Work With A Burns Expert For Medico Legal Reporting
  6. Get Help With Plastic Surgery And Burns Medico Legal Reporting

What Is Plastic Surgery And Burns Medico Legal Reporting?

You may be wondering, “what is medico-legal work?” This work relates to doctors and medical experts in their field providing their expert opinion on the injuries sustained. While their opinion won’t be considered as fact, it can shed more light on the nature of the injury in a balanced manner. This can come from providing a medico-legal assessment.  

Burns medico-legal reporting

How to obtain a burns medico-legal reports

A medico-legal report will provide an unbiased medical assessment of your client’s injury. Reports of this nature can help highlight the pain and suffering caused, which can be a key aspect when trying to show how your client was injured. This is why plastic surgery and burns medico-legal reporting can be so significant – it helps clarify the nature of the injury. 

This doesn’t just mean the physical effects of such trauma, however. These types of injuries could also lead to permanent or long-standing psychological issues due to how your client’s appearance may have changed. 

As such, a medico-legal psychologist can help illustrate the potential psychological damage caused by the incident. Due to them being experts in their field, they will be able to provide a detailed assessment of the symptoms caused by the injury. This can range from anxiety and depression to personality changes and post-traumatic stress disorder.  

Plastic surgery and burns medico-legal reporting focus on damage caused by scalds, fires or accidents. With that in mind, the injuries in question can be of a severe nature that can greatly impact your client’s quality of life. Medico-legal reports can show the impact of the injury to build a greater understanding of how your client’s life has been affected. 

Why Would You Need A Plastic Surgery And Burns Medico Legal Report?

An expert from medico-legal can help detail the degree and severity of the injury suffered. Their report could help validate the reasoning behind making a claim in the first place. Plastic surgery and burns medico-legal reporting give an unbiased, experienced opinion on the full extent of the injury. 

This can help for a number of reasons. The report coming from an expert witness could help strengthen the link of causation between the incident and the injuries suffered. The report can also lead to lawyers accurately valuing the injuries. Therefore, if the claim is successful, it could result in the correct level of compensation being awarded.

What Should A Plastic Surgery And Burns Medical Report Contain?

You may be wondering, “what is in a medico-legal report?” The reason it could help your client is that the report will do the following:

  • Explain the circumstances of the accident. 
  • Illustrate the nature of the injuries and the impact they’ve had on the injured party. Plastic surgery and burns medico-legal reporting will also highlight any psychological effects of the injury.
  • Provide an assessment of the treatment that has been provided thus far and to what degree it has been successful. If the treatment has been unsuccessful thus far, this could add to your client’s pain and suffering. 
  • The medico-legal consultant will also give their professional opinion on the claimant’s prognosis regarding their recovery and detail any permanent or future issues caused by the injury. 

It’s important to note that the medico-legal experts provide the report for the court. They have an overriding duty to the court proceedings and not to the specific party that requested their services as part of the legal case. Therefore, the report is unbiased and purely based on their professional opinion. 

How Do You Find A Burns Medico Legal Expert?

Medico-legal services can also help you find specific experts in the relevant field that relates to your client’s injury. For example, if you contact an agency while working for a client who has suffered a burn injury, they would get you in touch with a specialised medical expert with potentially years of experience. 

This is one of the problems with searching for a medical expert online. If you use Google, for instance, you could be supplied with hundreds of search results that may no longer be relevant.

Some of the experts you attempt to contact may have retired or no longer practise. Also, some experts only work through agencies, meaning that you’ll need to go through the agency before you can be supplied with their services. 

Furthermore, you may contact an expert who isn’t specialised in the specific injury, meaning that you might not find them as useful to work with or they simply may not be able to supply an accurate, valid report. 

Finally, another thing to bear in mind is that, for plastic surgery and burns, medico-legal reporting could be more cost-effective if the services are supplied through an agency. This is because benefits of this include the ability to defer payment until the end of the claim.

This means that the service fees for using the expert can be paid for out of the costs claimed back once the process has finished. 

How To Work With A Burns Expert For Medico Legal Reporting

The process of getting a medico-legal expert witness and getting a report for your claim is detailed below. 

  • You can find an expert through an agency or directly. 
  • Send an instruction letter to the expert or agency. This will explain the nature and circumstances of your injury. It will also specify what you want the expert to do. In this case, that will involve asking for a medico-legal report for a claim, with particular detail being placed on the severity of the injury and the prognosis. 
  • The claimant’s medical records will also need to be provided to the expert. An agency can acquire these on behalf of the claimant. 
  • The claimant will need to attend an appointment with the expert so that the injuries can be assessed. A medical agency can organise this, liaising with both the expert and the claimant to arrange it for a suitable time and place. If you deal with the expert directly, you may find it harder to arrange this.  
  • A short time after, the expert will then produce the report.

Only experts in their field are able to write medico reports as they can greatly affect the nature of a case. 

Get Help With Plastic Surgery And Burns Medico Legal Reporting

You may be unsure exactly what the benefits of using a medical agency for plastic surgery and burns medico-legal reporting are. They can make the process simpler and easier for you to deal with.

Medico-legal agencies can: 

  • Find a suitable expert within the claimant’s area, based on the injury suffered
  • Can help provide instruction to the expert regarding the information that the claimant/solicitor is asking for 
  • Arrange for the appointment to be held in a place that’s as convenient for the claimant as possible. 
  • Can cover the initial cost of the report, deferring payment until the end of the claim. 
  • Can also chase the expert if there’s a delay in receiving the report. 

Therefore, they can help alleviate a lot of the stress regarding plastic surgery and burns medico-legal reporting by using their extensive network to help you find an ideal candidate. They can save you a lot of time and energy attempting to find an expert that can help write a report for your client. 

To learn more about the benefits of using an agency or if you have any other questions about medico-legal companies, please contact us using the details above.