You may be looking to see how orthopaedic medico-legal reports could strengthen yours or your client’s case. Orthopaedic injuries can greatly affect someone’s quality of life and, depending on the accident involved, the claimant could receive compensation based on the evidence you’re able to present. 

orthopaedic medico-legal reports

How to obtain orthopaedic medico-legal reports

Medico-legal reports could help with this. The reports are written by medical experts that present your client’s injury in a precise and detailed manner. This guide will explain what a medico-legal report is, the contents of such a report and how it could provide a greater understanding of your client’s pain and suffering.

It will also answer important questions like:

  • How could you get in contact quickly and easily with medico-legal experts?
  • What are the benefits of using a medical agency to get a medico-legal assessment?
  • What is the process for obtaining orthopaedic medico-legal reports? 

Please read on to learn more about medico-legal services. Alternatively, if you have more queries about this, you can contact us 24/7 using the details above. 

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What Is An Orthopaedic Medico-Legal Report? 

You may be wondering “what is a medico-legal report?”

A medico-legal report is a document written by an expert in the relevant field that provides an expert opinion on your client’s injuries. They do this by examining your client to form a conclusion about both the injuries suffered and how they’ve been negatively impacted by them. This includes assessing how the injuries could continue to lessen their quality of life in the future.  

Orthopaedic medico-legal reports can provide a detailed look at the harm suffered and, through their professional opinion, they can assess the possibility that the injuries could have been caused by the accident. 

The type of injuries such a report considers can be quite complex. For instance, they can range from broken and fractured bones to torn and ruptured ligaments. Knowing the extent of the damage and the path to recovery is vitally important.

As such, a medical report can strengthen your claimant’s case by showing potential causation between the accident and the injuries suffered. The report can also shed further light on your client’s pain and suffering. 

Why Would You Need An Orthopaedic Medico-Legal Report?

The reason a medico-legal report could help your client is that it can provide a clear assessment of the injuries they’ve suffered. The report can be used to build a case because the opinion has been supplied by an expert in the field of that injury. 

Without a report of this nature, it can be difficult to show that the injuries your client suffered were from the accident in question. It also fully accounts for how the injury has affected the claimant because the expert also predicts the issues they could suffer in the future.  

It’s important, however, to note that their opinion isn’t fact – they base it on their professional expertise from years of working with similar injuries and understanding the effects that such an injury can have. 

Finding Experts That Provide Orthopaedic Medico-Legal Reports

If you’re a solicitor or lawyer attempting to get medico legal reports for your client’s cases, it can be difficult to know where to begin. After all, if you use search engines like Google, hundreds of results could appear, only some of which may actually be relevant. This is because some experts may have retired, no longer be practising or no longer offer their services in this capacity. 

Therefore, you could be spending hours of your time trying to find a relevant expert that can deliver orthopaedic medico-legal reports to no avail. This is where medico-legal agencies can help. 

Agencies have a detailed list of doctors and medical professionals that can provide reports like this. If you decide to use an agency, it can be easier to find a medico-legal expert for many different types of injuries. This is because you aren’t having to spend a lot of your time finding and trying to contact them. Instead, the agencies can do this for you. 

There are also cost benefits to using a medico-legal agency. Due to the length of time it can take to perform medico-legal work, often the medical experts that supply these reports will need payment upfront. This could put a financial strain on you or your client. However, if you use an agency, you have the choice to defer payment for the report until after the claim has finished.  

The Process Of Obtaining Orthopaedic Medico-Legal Reports

You may be wondering what the process is for obtaining a report from a medico-legal consultant. Using an agency can make it easier for you to secure orthopaedic medico-legal reports for your client. It usually follows the process below: 

  • Finding an expert either directly using your own resources or through a medical agency. 
  • Sending over an instruction letter to the expert or agency which explains the circumstances of the accident. It clearly instructs the expert to compile a medico-legal report to assess your client’s injuries for the purposes of a claim. It would ask to particularly focus on the severity of the injury, the prognosis and any long-standing or permanent health issues caused by the injury. 
  • When sending this letter, the claimant’s medical reports will also need to be supplied. This is so the expert can have a greater understanding of the claimant’s medical history to know if there were any pre-existing conditions. Agencies can also obtain these medical records on behalf of the claimant or solicitor. 
  • The agency then liaises with the expert and claimant to arrange an appointment. They will consider the claimant’s location to make the appointment as convenient for them to reach as possible. 
  • The claimant will attend the appointment so their injuries can be assessed. 
  • The report will then be delivered by the expert after an appropriate period of time. 

What Should Orthopaedic Medico-Legal Reports Contain?

Medico-legal report writing is a detailed process that evaluates your client’s injuries and prognosis to give an idea of what their life will be like going forward. They can also help contextualise the injury by confirming whether the injuries are consistent with the type of accident that took place. 

Orthopaedic medico-legal reports will contain important information like:

  • The circumstances surrounding the accident. This is partly so they’re able to confirm whether the injuries are consistent or not with the type of incident being described. 
  • Confirming the nature of the physical and psychological injuries sustained. 
  • Assessing the claimant’s treatment plan since the accident took place to evaluate if it’s been successful. They can also confirm if, in their opinion, the treatment plan has been effective in helping with the injury. 
  • The prognosis for their recovery. This will also involve them describing any permanent or future issues that the claimant will experience from the injuries. 

Another important thing to bear in mind is that the medico-legal experts have a duty towards the court, not the party who is using their services. Therefore, the report provides their unbiased professional opinion based on years of experience in that relevant field. It could strengthen your client’s case depending on what the report itself indicates. 

Get Help Finding And Instructing An Orthopaedic Expert

Medico-legal agencies are able to get in touch with medical professionals that are relevant to your client’s injury. For example, if you need orthopaedic medico-legal reports, they can provide you with experts that have worked in that field for years. Therefore, the experts will offer clear, detailed and unbiased information about the claimant’s injury. 

Your client’s location will also be considered to make going to the appointment as convenient for them as possible. They also make this report more convenient for you to access. There are many things you wouldn’t have to do directly because the agency would do it on your behalf. This includes: 

  • Choosing the expert based on the criteria required, considering things like your client’s injury and their location. 
  • Issuing the required correspondence to the expert. This includes the initial instruction and the claimant’s medical records to provide them with the information they need. 
  • Arranging the appointment to be as convenient for the claimant as possible. 
  • Covering the initial costs of the report. The payment is deferred for you until the end of the claim. 
  • Chasing the expert if there is some form of delay in receiving the report. 

Agencies can provide you with experts that could help your client without the hassle of needing to find one and correspond with them directly. The experts can provide detailed orthopaedic medico-legal reports that describe your client’s injuries and provide a prognosis that could reflect your client’s pain and suffering.