Medico-legal report fees in the UK can vary depending on the type of expert instructed. An assessment from a medical expert is an essential part of building a personal injury claim. It could, ultimately, be a very important factor in winning compensation for the claimant. The purpose of a medico-legal report is to ensure that the details of the harm caused are fully documented.

This is important for two reasons. Firstly, it makes sure that claimants are fully aware of the extent of the harm caused to them and get the necessary treatment. Secondly, it provides evidence that can be used to support a compensation claim. 

medico-legal report fees in the uk

How much are medico-legal report fees in the UK?

In this article, we’ll examine what kind of information can be included in these reports and what kinds of requirements there are for those who create them. In addition to this, we’ll explain how you can get the right evidence for a claim by finding an expert to create a medico-legal report. 

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What Is A Medico-Legal Report?

An expert medico-legal report can help establish the effects of the accident on a claimant. This can provide a greater understanding of the damage caused by the trauma, both physically and psychologically. 

This allows the impact of the injuries—and therefore the value of the case—to be ascertained. Furthermore, it could provide information about any treatment that the claimant might need in the future, which could further increase the value of the claim. 

The report will contain information about the case. To create the report, a medico-legal expert will communicate with the claimant and access medical records and notes from previous medical appointments. They’ll also provide their professional opinion about whether the injuries are consistent with the accident, alongside any permanent effects that the claimant is likely to experience. 

What Information Should A Medico-Legal Report Contain?

A medico-legal report should include the following:

  • An outline of the circumstances of the incident
  • An explanation of the nature of the injuries and how they have affected the claimant. 
  • Information about the treatment that has already been tried, and whether or not it was successful 
  • The claimant’s prognosis. This will include details of any issues that are permanent, or that might arise in the future.  

This report can then be used to value a claim for compensation in a way that takes into account all the features of the claimant’s medical condition. For example, the injuries might prevent the claimant from returning to work at all. This projected loss of earnings can be considered when negotiating a settlement amount. 

How To Obtain A Medico-Legal Report

Regardless of what type of expert you need, whether it be a medico-legal psychologist or a neuropsychiatrist, the steps you can take to get this report are the same. These are:

  • Find an expert, either directly or through a medical agency. 
  • Send over the instruction letter which explains the circumstances surrounding the accident. This will include a request that the expert creates a medico-legal report, asking them to assess the severity of the injury as well as providing a prognosis. 
  • Include all medical records with the instruction letter.
  • Get in touch with the expert and arrange an appointment for the assessment. 
  • Once this has been arranged, the claimant will have to attend the medical appointment. This is so their injuries can be assessed. 

A short time after the medical appointment, a report will be created. This report will be addressed to the court, as this is where the overriding duty of the medical expert lies. Because of this, the report needs to detail all findings in an impartial way.

Furthermore, the medical expert can only comment on the injuries themselves and confirm that they are consistent with the accident that occurred. They cannot make any judgements on how valid a claim is or state where they think liability lies. 

How Much Are Medico-Legal Report Fees In The UK?

Medico-legal report fees in the UK vary from expert to expert, depending on the extent of knowledge required to provide an expert opinion. For example, the cost for a whiplash report can be around £200 to £500. 

In comparison, for a more complex injury, such as asbestosis, the fee for a medico-legal report can be between £1,500 to £3,000 or more. The logic for the increase in price is twofold. 

Firstly, the depth of knowledge required for writing a report on a more complex injury is far greater than for common injuries. It’s partly because they’re more common and easier to understand that the reports are less expensive. 

Secondly, with the injury being more complex, there are fewer experts that will be able to help. This means that they have less time to write reports. As a result, their time is valued more highly.   

One of the issues regarding medico-legal report fees in the UK is that some experts require payment upfront. This is another benefit of finding an expert by using a medical agency; payment can be deferred until after the claim has been completed and the costs have been claimed back from the defendant.

Are Medico-Legal Report Fees Necessary?

The fees for reports written by a medico-legal expert reflect the depth of knowledge that the professional has on a particular area of medicine. Experts invest their time to assess the claimant’s injury and provide a knowledgeable and professional opinion based on their experience. 

Writing the report can take several hours based on the extent of the injury; furthermore, the expert must meet the claimant in order to fully understand how the accident has impacted them. Therefore, medico-legal report fees in the UK reflect the effort and expertise required to give a thorough, well-balanced and considerate opinion on the injuries sustained. 

Get Help With Medico-Legal Report Fees

Medico-legal agencies can greatly simplify the process of locating a medical expert that is able to provide a medico-legal report in the relevant field. If you use a search, for instance, it could come up with hundreds of search results. However, some of these results may not be useful, as experts may have retired, are unable to provide a report at present or no longer produce medico-legal reports at all. 

This is one of the ways agencies can help. Using their extensive network, they can provide you with details of an available expert quickly and efficiently. Other things the agency can do to help include: 

  • Arranging for a report to be written by the expert. 
  • Facilitating the instructions and arrangement of the appointment
  • Arranging an appointment as close to the claimant as possible.
  • Covering the initial costs of the report. Due to this, the medico-legal report fees in the UK can be considered but won’t have to be paid until the end of the claims process. 
  • Chasing the expert regarding when the final report will be received if there’s a delay in this being produced. 

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